"Sarah Gidick looks around to see what everyone else is doing and goes in another direction." 

Feel free to put that on my tombstone.

I have a voice that I never would have had without social media. I'm incredibly proud of @pornforwomen Instagram, and the engaged, smart people that follow the account. Not many social media influencers can speak to the quality of their audience.

When I was named the "Most Inspiring Women in Social Media" by Elle magazine, I knew I had built something that will last. I launched a website from the account, making worldwide news. That was an incredibly exciting time. I used the site to not only launch my writing and social media career, but to measure what being an influencer means. It's not porn, folks. 

Writing is life! After writing for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more, I took a Social Media Editor position at The Hollywood Reporter. I immersed myself into Hollywood—from interviewing Tom Ford on the Golden Globes carpet (I may have called him “Mr. Ford), covering the #MeToo movement, market stories, founding my own Hollywood Reporter column and finding the best in beauty. I know the glittering, gilded side of Hollywood just as well as the limestone jungle of my hometown, Washington, D.C..

I take every meeting and look forward to meeting founders, dreamers and more. 

Kind regards,

Sarah Gidick